Interports again the focus of political attention. In recent months, funds from MIT for development and digitization

ROME, Feb. 26, 2024-The president of UIR, the association that brings together Italy’s 26 freight villages, Matteo Gasparato intervenes on the interport reform law, specifying that the Union of Interports is convinced of the “goodness of the aims of a text that is being opposed not by mistake by a certain political party.”

“Probably someone has missed many associative passages and I take the opportunity of some interviews given in the approach of the discussion at theCamera of the text of the law, with the first signature Rotelli, to reaffirm the need to proceed with the approval of a norm, which – Gasparato stresses -represents an important starting point.

“It is pleasing that, at long last, interports have come to center stage, after years of total disinterest on the part of governmental compacts and pressure groups that are so attentive today instead. I summarily point out that this bill stems from a proposal made by Uir in 2018,taking up the text that had Hon. Velo as its first signatory.

There have been pejorative amendments that, in recent days, we have already submitted to the attention of the government and the signatories, and we will engage in the parliamentary process in order to improve it, certainly not dwelling on the meaning of a definition, for example, that has been routinely used by the government for years in signing our conventions.”

“It should not be forgotten,” Gasparato adds, “the attention paid to our sector by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which signed in November 2023, with 12 interports, Conventions with an assigned ministerial contribution, amounting to € 11,152,370.00 against resources made available by the interports of € 19,076,993.

In addition, last February 23, a further call for proposals was published by MIT, with a total budget of € 10 million to co-finance projects up to € 20million, reserved exclusively for the digitization of interports. This latest call provides the possibility of eligibility for retroactive expenses that have not yet been fully incurred as of the publication date from February 2020. Twenty-one interports expressed interest for 19.8 mln in planning on 5 different actions: TOS, CONNECTOR, WIDE BAND, CYBERSECURITY and GATE AUTOMATION.

UIR is coordinating a working group to harmonize the projects, within a federated management of the funds made available by MIT aimed at achieving the objectives of the PNRR. Eventually, Italian interports will have efficient technological equipment, be eFTI compliant and communicate with PLN and port authorities according to European and certified standards.

This is definitely a sign of great attention to our history and interest in the growth of Italian interports.”

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Rome November 28, 2023 Twelve Italian interports are the beneficiaries of about 11 million euros, a contribution granted by the MIT for the completion of